Get healthy by trying this 'CHIP'

CHIP stands for complete health improvement program.

Whole grains, leafy greens and fruit weren't always part of Denise Frericks' daily menu.

"My husband's sugar counts were going up, and we knew we had to do something, because I wasn't going to give him insulin shots," she said.

Two years ago Frericks' husband was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. To prevent his condition from getting worse, Frericks made some big changes.

"When my Pastor told me about the CHIP program, we went to Cohutta Springs, Georgia, and we took a five-day course where we actually became certified facilitators of the program," Frericks said.

CHIP stands for Complete Health Improvement Program. It's a 12-session seminar that guides participants on ways to live healthier lifestyles. It covers everything from healthy cooking, exercise to a positive attitude.

The program has been held nationwide for more than 25 years. Frericks, who saw positive results from CHIP first hand, brought it to the Tri-States to benefit others. She and her husband, each lost more than 30 pounds.

"It's amazing because I've lost weight before but never saw the body change," she said. "With CHIP, I lost the initial weight but then the weight loss slowed down, and I'm losing inches. That's something I don't ever remember doing before. My husband keeps moving his belt over and over. He needs to get a new belt."

CHIP will kick off in Quincy on August 26th through November 12th. Each participant will take initial blood tests at the beginning of the program and then again at the end to monitor their progress.

"It's not so much about losing the weight. It's about becoming stronger and healthier," CHIP member Mary Townsend said.

Once you complete the 12-week CHIP program, don't think your supports ends there. Enter CHIP Club.

"We decide as a club how many times we want to meet, where we want to meet," Frericks said. "We'll do something healthy so that we keep going and keep moving so that we promote health in our lives and in the lives of those we love."

Because getting the word out about CHIP is something Frericks is passionate about.

"I know this works, and I just want other people to know it works," she said. "I just want them to have the same or if not better results than me."

There is a CHIP information session Monday night at the Adams County Health Department at 6 o'clock. in room 28-29.

There will be another one held again Wednesday, at the same time and place.

You can get a CHIP hummus recipe by clicking, here.