Get down and dirty with the derby girls

Some people wouldn't consider it a lady like sport but these ladies say they don't care.

"I guess everyone has a different idea of what a lady is," Jenny Terstriep said.

The Dark River Derby Coalition kicked off its third season in early May. Jenny Terstriep has been with the team since the first year.

"We just have a great time," she said. "I can kind of have a bad day and come here."

She passes down her roller derby knowledge to her rookie teammates. (Kristen learned some derby moves, click here to check them out.)

"It's just been practice, practice, practice," new derby member Heidi Robinson said. "We're learning new things and getting over fears of doing things, realizing you have the pads on and you're not going to get hurt.

The team made up of veterans and new recruits work hard to play hard. The ladies practice on skates at least three days a week.

'We are a competitive team, we play to win," derby team member Megan Duesterhaus said. "It's not just drama and entertainment. Sometimes we wear the entertaining outfits, the fishnets and the little shorts but we are really there for the athleticism and to win those games."

"I usually have some battle wounds and it's always fun to be like, 'look at my new bruise,' it's awesome," Terstriep said.

Roller derby is a hardcore sport but these ladies have soft hearts. They're giving back to the community.

"We're a 501C-3 nonprofit," Duesterhaus said. "All of our home bouts we donate a portion of our tickets sales to a local charity that we select at the beginning of the season."

"I love to play but it gives me that extra incentive," Terstriep said. "I know we're playing for charity so it's always for a good cause."

Something the Dark River derby divas say is very lady like.

Check out the Dark River Derby schedule, here.

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