Get down and dirty with Mud Mania

This is what you'll look like after you've completed the Mississippi Mud Mania Run. It's a 5k packed with 25 obstacle courses.

The distance is the same as every other 5k but this 3.1 mile route is anything but ordinary.

"It's a 5k, 25-obstacle course," Quincy YMCA Special Events Director Kyle Haeberlin said. "We range from pits of water to go through to a huge tower you might or might not have to jump into a big puddle of water after. Then we have monkey bars or walls to climb."

It's all part of the Quincy YMCA's Mississippi Mud Mania Run.

"It's been the big fad lately, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash," Haeberlin said. 'We decided we wanted another big, exclusive event in Quincy like our Turkey Run we put on."

"This is a big event across the country, a lot of people are doing them and they're becoming very popular so we're very excited to bring it to the Tri-States," YMCA Marketing Director Michelle Terwelp said.

Mud Mania is the first run of its kind in Quincy. The Y used outside contractors to build the obstacles. They're based off military-style drills. (Check out the course, here.)

"They're built to be challenging but strong and safe," contractor, Roger McKenzie said.

You don't have to be an elite athlete to compete in this race. Everyone is welcome, ages 12 and up.

"Even though it does look very challenging, a lot of it's mental, actually," he said.

"It's a good time to get out with your friends," Terwelp said. "Use teamwork and work on some of the obstacles together."

"I'm pretty muddy," YMCA kid, AJ Miller, said after running through a practice round on the course. "My mom is going to be pretty upset."

If you can't complete one of the obstacles, you can skip it ... for a price.

"Fifteen pushups," McKenzie said.

All this mudslinging has its benefits.

"All the proceeds from the Mud Run are going straight into our youth programs," Haeberlin said.

"We're about healthy living and we want to start with our youth," Terwelp said. "We want to start them young and get them on a good track."

Competitors say it's worth the dirt ...

"... even though I'm pretty muddy," Miller said.

KHQA's Kristen Aguirre tried out the course. See how she did, here.

Mississippi Mud Mania Run is June 8th. Register, here.