Get bit by the acting bug this summer

Most pf these QCT actors started off with a class or workshop.

Getting on stage isn't for everyone but it could be for you.

How can you know for sure? Try taking a class.

The Quincy Community Theatre is holding a summer program for all acting skill levels, including beginners.

"I was on Oklahoma, then I did Ramona Quimby and then I've worked backstage ," Sharon Tieken said. "I've worked for GOPDSPELL and Wanda's World and now I'm stage managing for Peter Pan. So I've kind of gotten hooked onto all this."

It's hard to believe but Sharon Tieken just started acting.

"My kids are now grown and about a year ago I decided I didn't have much to do anymore in the evenings and I kind of got the acting bug myself."

The first show she tried out for was Oklahoma. She got a part without any experience but she says if you don't want to audition cold turkey a class is a good way to ease into the process.

"We've had adults come and say this has just been on their bucket list and they just wanted to take an acting class and they've given it a try," QCT's Director of Student Theatre Brandon Thomsen said. "We've had people that are really serious about going into this as a career or people who just want to do it for fun. We encourage all experience levels."

Veteran actors can always use a refresher class. (Check out some of the exercises used in the summer classes, here.)

"The summer classes and Brandon especially are so beneficial." Jay Stalder who has been at QCT for more than 10 years said. "You just really learn really great tools that are so easily transferable from the classroom to the work on stage."

"It made me a lot more confident," QCT student, Alex Gough said. "It gave me some sense of direction that I didn't really feel that I had before that."

"You learn more during it and you feel so good a positive that all the feedback that you get make you want to go out there and do it for real," Sierra Schnack who has been acting with the theatre since her freshman year said.

Because performing for real is about more than just acting.

"We believe that the theatre skills can help a student become more confident and help with the social aspect as well," Thomsen said.

Lessons Tieken says you can learn at any age.

"It's just a completely unique experience," she said.

You can get a sneak peek at QCT's up coming production of Peter Pan, here.