Get bikini ready with the YMCA's boot camp

Boot campers throwing an 8-pound medicine ball outside the YMCA. This is one of the exercises, instructor Kent Kreinberg puts his clients through during his Boot Camp class.

Working out isn't everyone's favorite thing to do. Sometimes you need a little push

from a trainer and your peers.

The Quincy YMCA is bringing back it's seasonal group boot camp fitness class.

"It's a great atmosphere, the people there are so much fun because they want to do this stuff and it seems like the more intense it gets, the happier they are," instructor Kent Kreinberg said.

The class mixes traditional calisthenics and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. Kreinberg's has been teaching the class for more than a decade.

"We always throw in different things," he said. "It's never a boring type of same ol' same ol'."

This intense workout has proven results (see Kristen go through a Boot Camp workout, here).

"It completely reshaped my body," Angela Reed said.

Reed joined Boot Camp last year. She's gone down two dress sizes since she started.

"It was really, really difficult at first but it's really fun when your outside and working out with a lot of people and they push you," Reed said. "That's what I needed. I was kind of at a plateau and boot camp took it to the next level."

Even non-YMCA members are willing to pay more just to take the class.

"Oh it's very much worth it," Vicky Eidson, a non YMCA member said. "I've done it for three years."

"It's a class where people come out and get roped in because of the environment of the class," Quincy YMCA wellness director Johanna Voss said. "People are constantly cheering them on so they want to come back. Then they start to see improvement in their bodies and what they can do so then all of a sudden they're 'hey I see results, I'm going to keep going, I'm going to keep doing this.'"

If you want to get pushed to see results, Kreinberg says he's willing to lend a helping hand.

The second Boot Camp session starts April 28th.

You can learn how to sign up by clicking, here.