Get back to basics at your local library

You can look up books at the library using the self checkout or the Dewey Decimal System.

Checking out books today can be as simple as the click of a mouse or a swipe of your finger.

But what happens if your technology dies? For many of us the Dewey Decimal System is a little fuzzy, but checking out a book without your kindle is possible.

"Things are in a lot of different areas here and we certainly understand that if you're not a regular, regular library user it can be find," Quincy Public Library Circulation Services Director Pam Clow said. "It's basically a free service. We have almost 180,000 items just within the building to borrow."

How do you sort through it all?

"We would say 'just ask,' because there's always someone at the desk to help you or we do have self checkouts in the library that are extremely easy to use," Clow said.

If you use the self checkout you can browse for books or even look up a book by its title or by author.

Once you've found your book write down its call number, the section it's found in and go search for it. That's where the Dewey Decimal System comes in. Just remember the system starts from zero.

All that's left to do is checkout. You can bring it to the library's front desk or back to the self checkout.

If that's not fast enough just call ahead of time. Your books will be waiting for you.

"We also have lockers here where you can pick up materials at any time of the day where we're open or not," Clow said.

"For example if someone isn't feeling well and they don't actually want to come into the library we can get their material ready for them and put it in a box and all they have to do is drive up and pick it up," Quincy Public Library's Marketing Director Ruth Cuthbertson said.

Library employees say it's not a hassle because once you become a regular...

"...They really become family to you," Clow said.

See a tutorial on how to use the library's self checkout, here.