Get a glowing tan without a ray of sunlight

Sunless tanning is said to show immediate results and is expected to last for almost 10 days.

It may not be as warm as the sun but with a few sprays it can give you the same look.

"Even the person who normally cannot tan, can have a beautiful golden tan," Brandy McGraw said.

Brandy McGraw recently started her own mobile spray tanning business.

"It's an airbrush tanning that gives the person an instant tan with a beautiful natural bronze," she said. "You don't look like you walked out of a tanning bed, there's no red. Honestly I think a lot of my people that get it done, unless you've seen them you don't know that they've been sprayed because it's so natural."

The tanning solution is made up banana fruit prime and sugar. (You can see how the spray tanning process works by clicking, here.)

"It is all organic, it is natural and it works with you own skin to come out how you would naturally tan in the sun," McGraw said.

According to, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. Each year people develop more new cases of skin cancer than breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancers combined.

"We all should be concerned about skin cancer," she said. "It's one form of cancer we can help avoid. This is great, it's a natural bronze."

"This way I don't have the chances of getting burnt," Natalie Kelly, a frequent tanning salon user said. "With the scares of what tanning beds can do to you, unfortunately, and tanning in the sun, this is one way to prevent that and keep that glow."

Sunless tanning is said to show immediate results and is expected to last for almost 10 days.

"I never had results with trying to use a tanning bed or tanning outside so this is completely new for me and I was just amazed at how fast it was," Crytal Zehnle who never tans said.

But just because the spray tan is giving you a bronzed look doesn't mean it's protecting you from the sun. The spray tan solution is SPF free. So lather up on the sunblock whether you getting a natural or faux glow because ... "Everyone feels good when they're tanning," McGraw said.