Frozen yogurt frenzy: a family affair

Ju Ju Cup Frozen Yogurt has more than a dozen flavors and toppings you can choose from. This is a picture of chocolate covered strawberry with cheesecake crumbles. Is your mouth watering?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream ... except the Tri-States is screaming for frozen yogurt.

"We're fat free, we're sugar free and we're sorbet which is a non-dairy product," John Civitate said.

Civitate and his wife Judy just opened

Ju Ju Cup Frozen Yogurt in Quincy


"It's about having a unique and fun experience," Judy Civitate said. "This isn't cookie cutter desert, you make it just the way you like it. Build your own."

"It's a fun experience for young and old," John Civitate said.

The self-serve frozen yogurt shop features more than a dozen flavors and toppings.

"We pair our flavors," Judy Civitate said. "Each machine has two flavors and the center handle will twist those two. We change our flavors every two weeks so there is always something new and exciting."

You can taste flavors like grape bubble gum, green tea smoothie or chocolate covered strawberries. The choice is yours. (Watch Kristen create her own frozen yogurt concoction,



When you finally weigh in at the cash register, know that your money is staying local.

"We are independent we're not a franchise store," Judy Civitate said.

The store is actually named after the couples daughter Juliana and their eldest daughter created Ju Ju Cup's logo.

"We've been a family business," John Civitate said. "Our children have worked with us since they were six-, seven-, eight-years-old."

Now the Civitates want you to become part of the family and do them a "flavor."

Try a ...

"...cup full of yogurt..."

... and add your own unique twist.

Quincy is the second Ju Ju Cup Frozen Yogurt location.

There is another one in


in the Huck Finn Shopping Center.