Fort Madison Police Department works to fight online crimes against children

The Fort Madison Police Department is working on new ways to protect their children from online crime by joining forces with the federal government.

Fort Madison Police Chief Tim Sittig says there is a very real and growing threat against children online.

The federal government has provided funding for different states to create task forces to keep a close eye on internet crimes committed against children.

In Iowa that initiative is overseen by the department of criminal investigation or DCI.

This has allowed the task force to investigate and prosecute predators who use children for pornographic purposes.

Chief Sittig says before he became Chief in Fort Madison there was no agency in Lee County that was working with the Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children and he felt it was important to start a relationship.

"Everytime that child is viewed by someone else they are being revictimized, so we want to stop that," says Sittig.

The police department will be training one of their officers to monitor online activities that may be harmful to children.

Chief Sittig says that since internet crimes against children is an international problem that affects many young people across state lines and around the globe, that is why the program falls under the federal umbrella.