Find big city art right here in the Tri-States

The Quincy Art Center sees hundreds of unique pieces from al over the country every year.

You might not see it everyday because it sits right off Main Street. But this hidden gem is holding a few gems of its own.

"We have really high quality art here," Quincy Art Center Executive Director and Curator Julie Nelson said.

The Quincy Art Center sees hundreds of art pieces every year from all over the country. But how does this small town art center make sure it's exhibits are up to par?

"We choose a high quality judge," Nelson said. "We have a judge that's been a curator and an art historian."

There is a new judge for each exhibit that looks for high quality and unique pieces. Sometimes the pieces are so unique there hard to understand. Nelson says that fear is what keeps some people from coming into the Center.

"They're afraid they're going to look foolish if they don't understand something," she said.

Art can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be. When you looks at a piece, Nelson says to ask yourself one question.

"What's the meaning of it to you as a person?" she asked. "Is it the color, the medium, is it the story that's being told, does that appeal to you?"

Your interpretation is as unique as the piece. Nelson says however you look at art you'll always...

"...learn something no matter what," she said. "You can always go to an art show and get something out of it that you didn't know when you crossed the threshold."

The current exhibit at the Art Center features 71 pieces from artists across the Tri-States and Indiana. Eleven of those artists are local. (You can get a sneak peek inside the exhibit, here.)