Early bird gets the worm ... or bakes the bread

The process to bake the bread begins at 4 a.m.

Long before you ever think of getting up, someone is already thinking of what you'll eat at noon.

On most days, you can find Christy Copley up before the roosters crow. She's the primary bread baker at Jimmy John's in Quincy.

The process to bake the bread begins at 4 a.m. It rises and then is baked to perfection, in preparation for the busy lunch hour.

"If we're not here that early we would never have enough bread to meet the demands of our lunch hour," Copley said. "It just wouldn't be possible."

Hundreds of sandwiches roll out of the shop daily during the noon hour. But what you might not know is there is a specific way to place the veggies, meats and condiments on each sandwich.

Owner Tim Eaton says its all about consistency.

"It's important to follow the system so that every sandwich from Jimmy Johns is the same," Eaton said.

So no matter where the orders come from, it all starts with fresh bread and planning from folks behind the scenes, long before you roll out of bed.