Dish out healthy sides at your barbeque

These dishes are healthier options to choose instead of classic, and calorically heavy barbque side dishes.

Memorial Day is the official kick off to the barbeque but it also reminds us of another summer pastime - swimming.

That's right, it's time to take off the winter coat and put on that bathing suit.

If you're trying to keep your figure trim but have a hard time controlling yourself near the coleslaw, KHQA can help.

There's an easy way for your to have barbeque classics like baked beans or potato and pasta salad.

All you have to do is tweak the recipe.

Baked beans aren't high in calories but they do contain a lot of sugar. Make a

healthier version

with garbanzo, black and kidney beans. Season them up with salt, pepper, lemon and dill.

Classic potato salads have large amounts of mayo and eggs. Slim it down by using grilled

sweet potatoes

then add some chili pepper and lime juice. You'll still get your carb fix without all the fat.

Finally it isn't a family picnic without pasta salad, except for this year. Try dropping the pasta all together and opt for a

light veggie salad

filled with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and olive oil. This will keep you feeling guilt free.

Remember Kristen is not a doctor, just a Pinterest pinner. You can find all these recipes linked on our Pinterest page,