Dairy Queen duo dukes it out for top spot

One of the most classic DQ treats is the cone.

Ice cream is the tastiest way to cool off a hot summer day. The Dairy Queen on North 12th Street in Quincy has served up frozen treats since 1965 but it's only been brewing up a steamy sibling rivalry since the 90s.

Nancy Martinez and Dion Geiser's father took over the DQ on North 12th Street in 1990. He then built another one on South 12th Street. When he retired Martinez got north and Geiser got south.

Both stores serve up the same products, but each owner swears their DQ is better.

"... Just because I'm the older brother," Geiser said.

"I have the friendly employees and the customers are really great over here," Martinez said.

The employees have a harder time deciding.

"It's a toss up," Diana Dochtetman a DQ employee for 8 years said. "I have one over here, I have one over there so there's no need to have any rivalries going on."

One thing they can all agree on is their favorite Dairy Queen item.

"Mine is the blizzard," Martinez said.

"I like the blizzards the most," Geiser said.

"The peanut cup blizzard with chocolate ice cream," Twenty year Dairy Queen employee Vicki Harker said.

"The s'more blizzard is absolutely awesome," Dochtetman said.

Now ice cream may be your favorite frozen treat but to these DQ owners is more than just a dessert.

"It's our livelihood, it's what's going to keep us going," Martinez said.

"We like to keep our employees happy so that they take care of the customers," Geiser said. "It's a big old family."

"We are like a family," Harker said. "It's my second family and my home away from home."

Martinez says that family feel is what keeps her and her brother in competition.

"You want to do better than what he's doing." she said.

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