Crack into stained glass windows

The stained glass windows class for beginners teaches you everything from how to cut glass to more advanced skills like creating a window scene.

It doesn't sound relaxing but the grinding and cutting of glass bring a sense of ease to Jill Reffett.

"I kind of call it active yoga because your mind is focused on it and it's enjoyable to focus on it and look at the colors," she said. "Your mind is active enough on what you're doing that you can't be thinking about your to-do list and a million other things," she said. "You're able to actively focus on this. It's a very neat process. It's a holistic process if you will."

Reffett has been taking part in a beginners stained glass window class.

The class is taught at Windsong Acres in Camp Point by owners Jeff and Shelly Rasche. The couple has been creating stained glass windows for more than 20 years.

"I'm more interested in the craft of it and she's more interested in the artistic side," Jeff Rasche said. "It's something you can do together and you compliment each other's skills and abilities.

The Rasches hold the classes at the Scale House on their property. They created all 15 stained glass windows in the house.

"When you assemble it all it's almost like putting a puzzle together," Jeff Rasche said. "You know this little piece of lead, this little piece of glass and you just keep at it until you get big windows if you want to go that far."

The class teaches you everything from how to cut glass to more advanced skills like creating a window scene.

"The exciting thing about the class is people that think "I could never solder that glass," find that they can do it," Jeff Rasche said. "They get really excited about that."

"It's neat to be able to imagine something and then make it real," Blake Parkhill who takes the class with his wife said. "You know create something out of whatever you got. It's kind of like a little bit of art and a little bit of construction at the same time."

For the Rasches, creating stained glass art has symbolic meaning.

"All this brokenness is put back together as something beautiful," Jeff Rasche said.

An idea that makes Reffett feel at peace.

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