Cook clean in your kitchen

Nauvoo Nibbles sells bulk food items that are clean and natural. These ingredients are unprocessed and chemical free.

Carol Zumdome is somewhat of a foodie.

"Food just interests me and I love to cook and I always have," Zumdome said.

So when the opportunity to get into the bulk food business came around, she jumped at the idea.

"There was a shop uptown called Parables and she had to leave because of a family thing," Zumdome said. "She wanted to sell her scale and such so I decided I would buy it and give it a try."

Zumdome opened Nauvoo Nibbles last October. She says her products are different from the ones you find on your supermarket shelves (get a look inside Nauvoo Nibbles, here.)

"It's not processed, it's not heated, it's not chemically changed so it's a better product in the end because you not getting additives or unnamed things in your food," Zumdome said.

What does that mean for you?

"It's mostly a health thing," Zumdome said. "We should all want to see what's going into your food because that food goes into your body. Your body can help process the whole instead of the processed food. It's really important to keep the chemicals and unnamed ingredients out."

Nauvoo Nibbles' products have there natural ingredients listed on the front label. Zumdome says if you're still not convinced on cooking clean, remember this rule.

"If you can't pronounce something on the label you probably shouldn't be eating it."