Come check out the Quincy Art Center Grand Re-Opening

Architecture in Quincy is very historic and each piece has a story to tell.

The Quincy Art Center at 1515 Jersey is one of those buildings.

It was built in 1850, and became the Arts Club in 1887.

The Art Center is now ready to show off some of the original architecture in its Grand Re-Opening.

You also have the chance to get some local artwork in your home.

These barn doors will open Friday night to welcome you to the Grand Re-Opening of the Quincy Art Center. The building was originally a carriage house. Now it houses art work. Much of the art is from local artists. You have your chance to buy some pieces Friday night from 6 to 7:45.

"You'll be able to get some of these pieces for a fraction of what you would original art," Mary Ellen Inman said.

"Why would you not want to come and see this great artwork? It's a fun event and an opportunity to see a lot of two dimensional and three dimensional art without any commitment. It's just a big open spring party," artist Mariann Barnard said.

Mariann Barnard is one of the artists who will be at the re-opening. Not only can you snag some great artwork, you'll probably get the chance to meet the artist behind the artwork.

"I'm a person person. I just love talking with them. And if they have questions, I love expressing my emotions and my feeling about it. Perhaps even the technique," artist Ruth Ann Snowden said.

"The other thing about it is you just don't know who you're going to meet. You might engage in a conversation and you might learn a lot, or they could learn a lot from you," Barnard said.

There are about 220 pieces of art that are available in the silent auction. There will also be food and wine and live music.

Most of the pieces available are originals, but there are some reprints.

There are even some antique pieces volunteers found at the Art Center.

The money raised from the silent auction will go toward additional renovations at the Arts Center.

KHQA This Morning showcased the renovation Thursday morning.

Watch the clips here.