Colon cancer survivor Carol Cress shares her story

Colon Cancer Story

Carol Cress is a mother and a sister who plays a large role in the lives of her family.

And as dedicated as she is when it comes to caring for others, her health often would take a backseat.

"I was extremely tired, some days at work I could hardly put one foot in front of the other," says Cress.

And if feeling down wasn't enough, it wasn't until a friend spoke up that she decided to seek help.

"One of my co-workers threatened that if I didn't go to the doctor she was going to take me," explains Cress.

Once she finally saw a doctor she learned her condition required urgent attention.

She was advised to go home and pack her bags and was immediately admitted into the hospital for surgery.

Later she learned that not only was she anemic but she also had stage three colon cancer.

Doctors said her cancer could have been caught sooner if she had come in to receive a routine colonoscopy at age 50.

"Given the fact that the cancer is so slow growing, preventable, and treatable that early dedication is so important and we want to be there for them and enjoy those special moments."

Cress said she found inspiration from County Singer Wade Hayes who also had colon cancer.

She plans to follow the advice from one of his famous songs "Go live your life," while keeping a close eye on her health.

"I wasn't going to let it get me down, a positive attitude means a lot in your recovery with anything," says Cress.
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