College Countdown: What's on your checklist?

The best way to stay organized when you're shopping for back to school items is with a checklist.

Shopping for back to school items can be overwhelming, especially when you're a parent packing for a student to live on campus.

"It's getting next to be two to three weeks out now so some of them are starting to get a little bit frantic on getting that last minute stuff all together," General Manager of Bed Bath & Beyond Dave Wilson said.

Wilson says this time of the year is one of the busiest for his store. He says the best way to shop for your student is to make a checklist.

"That way at least they have a guide of what they need," he said.

What needs to go on that list?

"You definitely need bedding as far as that goes," Wilson said. "You need to have your bed set up, it's probably the biggest thing in your room and then bathroom is probably the next thing. You need to have your supplies whether you're taking it to the bathroom or if you have to design your own bathroom. Then studying, that's the reason you're in school so make sure you have all those things to make your student successful at studying."

Look for things like calendars and lap desks to keep your student organized.

But before you start buying off your checklist make sure you get a look at where you'll be living first.

"That way you'll know if you have a closet door, some don't have closet doors and stuff like that because those are little details that can help maximize your space," Wilson said.

When you're living in a dorm it's all about saving space.

"People are going from a bigger room to all of a sudden sharing a small room with someone else and they really have to get the most out of the space," he said.

Wilson says you can gain extra room by storing items in places like underneath the bed. You can use bed risers to utilize the space even more.

"Try to keep the space as organized as possible for your student," he said.

Once all your items are checked off your list, Wilson says you'll feel a ... "sense of relief."

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