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      Camp classes at the Quincy Art Center are getting creative

      Blenders, ovens, violins, they're not your average art tools but the Quincy Art Center is using them to get creative with its art camp.

      "All kids are different so different classes are going to attract different kids," Blender Art teacher Becky Hoskins said. "A student may not know they're creative or that they have that artistic side until they've had that class that really captures their attention."

      Camp classes include Blender Art, Tropical Venture and even one incorporating music into the curriculum. How does the center come up with these unique classes? Its unique teachers. (Meet some of the teachers and get a look into their classes by clicking, here.)

      "We have lots of different influences and everybody kind of brings their own things to the table," Tropical Venture teacher Libby Tournear said.

      "When students are challenged in art they're learning to think creatively and analytically and that affects every other subject they take in school," Art Makes Music instructor Stephanie Javaux said. "That makes them better students all around."

      "We try to keep a high standard of how we teach a class," summer art instructor Lexi Mayberry said. "It's not just arts and crafts. It's getting into your history and teaching the basic elements and principles of art."

      Those high standards keeps teachers on their toes and constantly thinking of new classes.

      "It's wonderful to experience them holding a brush and putting paint on paper," Director of Education Jennifer Teter said. "The happiness you see on their face, it's amazing to watch and to also see them coming back year after year and to watch them grow on their skills."

      Happy students means happy teachers.

      "They're enjoying what they're doing and I'm enjoying what I'm doing and it's just a lot of fun for everybody and we're learning at the same time," Hoskins said.