Break out your bridesmaid dress for round two

You can give your old bridesmaid dress life again with a few snips.

Brides promise you'll reuse it. But after walking down the isle, posing for photos and dancing the night away, it's usually never worn again.

Until now.

Take that bridesmaid dress out of your closet because with a little tweaking it can make its way back into your wardrobe.

"Bridesmaids dresses traditionally we invest a lot in and to get a little bit more money out of that is a great thing," Chris Taylor said.

Chris Taylor from says your dress can do more than collect dust. You can give it life again with a few snips.

"It's always great to take something you already have and for either a couple extra bucks or either a few hours turn it into something you can continue to use," he said.

If your dress is a little dated Taylor says to think ... "is this something I can take apart or have altered and it's really going to work?"

If it is going to work have a plan of attack. Don't think of it as a craft project.

"These dresses do cost sometimes $200, $300 or $400 and one wrong snip can take it from something that could have been altered professionally or by someone who is really educated on sewing to something that you are going to have to get rid of," he said.

Still not sure how to revamp the dress? Take a look at this floor length number that Taylor turned cocktail by cutting it above the knee and getting rid of the sash.

He did a 180 on this purple dress by totally getting rid of the top layer and using the lining for a maxi skirt.

Taylor says its all about creativity. If you're still not sold on re-purposing your dress try recycling it another way.

"Really consider reselling it or just donating it," he said. "That way someone can get the true value out of it."

But Bridesmaids can only work with what they're given. Taylor has some advice for you ladies in white.

"Be kind to them and give them something they can really reuse," he said.

Because brides, you never know when the roles will be reversed. Then it's you walking down the isle in an expensive dress you think you'll never wear again.

You can watch more tips from Taylor by clicking, here.