Behind the smoke with QFD

This air tank is one of the many pieces of equipment firefighters have to wear while on duty. The gear can weigh more than 60 pounds.

Quincy firefighters don't always know what to expect when they arrive at work.

"You're nervous, the adrenaline is definitely pumping," Quincy Firefighter Jerry Smith said. "You just want to make sure you're going to do the right thing at the right time."

'I can get a call right now and I don't know what that call could be so there's a little bit of excitement in that," firefighter Michael Dade said.

That's the way they like it.

"The feeling is excitement," QFD firefighter Jerry Mast said. "Just not knowing what's going to happen or what you're going to have to do to get past the problem."

Quincy firefighters have to be prepared for any scenario.

"Sometimes there are situations you don't want to go into but you just trust the guys around you and you get it done," Mast said.

But being on the fire department is about more than just battling blazes.

"We do EMS, we do HAzMat, we do technical rescue, we do dive rescue, so there's a lot of different aspects of the job besides firefighting," Smith said.

Smith has been with the Fire Department for almost 15 years. His training has changed over that last decade, but his excitement for work hasn't.

"Every situation is different," he said.

"You realize how rewarding it is and that keeps you around," Mast said. "That keeps you coming into work every morning."

'We're not much different than good hearted people," Dade said. "We're just in a position and we have the equipment and we're at the ready to help people."

That mentality is what made Smith originally join the department and what he hopes will keep him going for another 15 years.

"It's the ability to help people during their time of need," he said.

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