Before you take a dip follows these safety tips

Here are some easy tips to keep your kids safe near the pool this summer.

It's one of the first places you go to cool off on hot summer days but it can also be one of the most dangerous.

Jane Hummel with Safe Kids Adams County says nationwide, there are more than 300 drowning cases of children under the age of 14 reported yearly. She says you can keep your child from becoming a statistic by taking simple precautions.

"If you have a pool that's 2 foot or taller you have to have by city ordinance a fence around it," she said. "If you have a pool where there are patio doors or sliding glass doors leading to it please have it alarmed."

Never underestimate a child.

"Very young children are very inventive," Hummel noted. "Those little fingers can open all kinds of door and locks."

Make sure to get your child swimming lessons starting after age four. But it's not just large pools you need to be careful around.

"Children can drown in an inch of water especially very young children because they're top heavy," she said. "We worry about those little tiny kiddie pools, we worry about buckets that may have been filled with rain water, the bucket you washed your car with yesterday that maybe there's water in. Empty those pools, tip them upside down, the same thing with buckets and anything else that's outside that might be able to contain water."

Remember you are your child's first line of defense against drowning.

"If you're at the pool your job even if there is a life guard is to watch your children," Hummel said. "Supervise, supervise, supervise."

Hummel also said if your child goes missing during these summer months, the first place you should look, is the pool.

You can get more safety tips from Hummel, here.