Australian native brings fashion world to Gem City

Australia native Penny Lemonis recently relocated her business in the United States, settling on Quincy as her home base.

A newcomer to the Tri-States is bringing the fashion runways of Italy and New York to the Gem City this weekend.

Pandora Lemonis or "Penny," is comfortable designing everything from high rises to high fashion. Lemonis recently moved here, bringing her business and clothing label 'Pandora's Temptation' to the Tri-States.

She is the sole designer of a line of high-end women's dresses called 'Pandora's Temptation.'

After spending 22 years as an architect down under, Lemonis found her passion for fashion sitting at an airport during a business trip.

"I used to sit there get bored and sketch," Lemonis said. "I was sketching and I saw a little girl with her ice cream melting. I thought that could be a design for a dress." Click here to hear how Lemonis got into fashion design.

That sketch led to her first clothing line 8-years-ago, which grew in success, featuring her in Australian magazines and on runways around the world. After the financial collapse hit Australia, Lemonis found herself looking for a new base of operations. Click here to hear more of Lemonis' story.

"I was looking online for historical house and Atlanta Georgia popped up and then Quincy," Lemonis said. "I came here and it had such a great architectural feel. I bought this house and brought my design business here."

She puts her designs to paper here in Quincy, then they're shipped overseas for construction and production. She prides herself on creating wearable art for all to see, in materials that are practical for everyone on the go - just like she was when traveling the world as an architect.

"I used to have to go to hotels and find an iron," Lemonis said. "I am not an ironer and I would then just go out and buy something new. So all my fabrics you can tie them in a knot and never have to iron."

She plans to launch her first clothing line based in this Saturday night. But instead of taking over runways in New York or Los Angeles, she's supporting her newfound home in Quincy.

"I wanted to introduce my clothing line to Quincy because this is where I live and I wanted to give the ladies of Quincy first choice," Lemonis said.

Lemonis says the line of clothing is designed by her in Quincy, then sent overseas to Chinese seamstresses for construction. She expects to open a few retail shops in the state of Texas in the coming year to distribute her line.

She plans a huge unveiling for this year's line during a Pandora's Temptation Exclusive Fashion runway show February 1st.

The launch of Pandora's Temptation 2014 Collection will be at the State Room on South 8th Street. Doors open at 6:30 with the runway show kicking off at 7:30p.m. The entire event is free and open to the public.

We talked to Penny on KHQA This Morning about her arrival to Quincy, her line of clothing and the launch of her line of clothing.