Attention Athletes: Learn how to avoid injury this season

Dr. Wes Creech says says athletes injure their back, knees, hips and shoulders the most.

Marathons, baseball games, track and field and spring sports are here.

While it's a busy time for athletes, it's also a busy time for Dr. Wes Creech.

"They injure themselves because they don't have the proper equipment or they don't know how to train properly and they wind up with some pain," he said.

Creech is a certified chiropractor and strength and conditioning specialist. He says athletes injure their back, knees, hips and shoulders the most.

The cause of these pains?

"Over use and repetitive injury," Creech said.

That doesn't mean you need to stop training, you just need to know how to train right.

"Athletes need to move correctly and they need to have the proper stabilization and mobility to perform their task," he said.

To make sure his athletes are moving correctly he conducts a series of simple screenings. (See Kristen get screened, here.)

"Once we get through the screening process we get a functional diagnosis which means we just want to see where their dysfunction is at," he said.

When that's labeled he puts his athletes through rehabilitative exercises. Before you book your appointment, Creech says there's ways you can avoid sitting in his office.

"Don't over train," he said. "Over training is the most common cause of injury."

But if something does hurt get it looked at because if you ...

"... keep running on it or keep swinging the bat, swinging the golf club eventually it lead to an injury that puts you out of your sport," he said.