Annual 5K can turn you into a runner

The Kelly's 5K has been held for more than three decades and has turned many of its walkers into avid runners.

Roger Mckenzie has been running for more than 10 years but he still remembers his first real race.

"When it was the four mile, I took my company from the reserves over one year to do the Kelly's Run for our PT program that weekend," McKenzie said. "They were glad to get away from the unit for a while but not to happy with me because we had to run the four miles."

From then on, McKenzie was hooked.

Unlike McKenzie, Lisa Barnes isn't an avid runner but she's always walked in the Kelly's 5K. This year she's been training to run.

"It's amazing and I can't believe at my age I've been able to do it, but it's been enjoyable," Barnes said.

Barnes is also the YWCA board president, the same organization that's been receiving the proceeds from the Kelly's Run for that past three years.

"The funds go to support our supportive housing program and our Girl Like Me Program which we have here in town," Barnes said.

This year the YWCA will again benefit from the Kelly's run.

A cause McKenzie and Barnes say is worth the 3.1 mile run.

"It's fun to get out there and run with other people," Barnes said.

"That's the fun part," McKenzie said.

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