Add a little color to your cardio

WIU's Color Craze 5K will be held March 23 at Vince Grady Field.

It's not your average 5K ...

"We decided we really needed to do something that really added pizzazz to Western's campus," Bethanie Litow said.

... but that's exactly what Litow was going for when she spear headed a team to organize the Color Craze Race.

"I've done other 5K's and I've ran half marathons and I think what's unique about the Color Craze 5K is that truly anyone can do it," Litow said.

"Students can do it, community members can do it, young people can do it, old people can do it, everyone can do it," Color Craze 5K faculty advisor Dr. Amanda Divin said.

During the Color Craze race at each kilometer a color station will be set up. That's where participants will be covered in color. By the time you reach the finish line, you'll look like like a rainbow (See Kristen get color crazed, here).

"You can walk, dance, skip however you want to come across the finish line that's fine it doesn't matter," Litow said. "It's un-timed. Really what the push is that getting active can be fun."

"Let loose and just have fun being healthy, being fit but also showing your fun side of everyone's personality," Color Craze 5K organizer Krista Shirley said.

Come the Color Craze raze day you might have to brave the cold a little bit but it'll all be worth it because it's benefiting a good cause.

"We decided to benefit the Special Olympics Area 4," Litow said. "What a great way to have fun and raise money for a great great cause."

The 5K is open to walkers and runners ages 7 and up.

If you're worried about the colored powder being thrown at you - don't be. The color is safe, natural, and edible.

The Color Craze 5K is on March 23 at Vince Grady Field on on the WIU campus.

You can learn more about the race by visiting the Color Craze 5K Facebook page.