Adams County Fair takes a walk on the wild side

Breakfast at the fair.

The Adams County Fair has been drawing in crowds all across the Tri-States since 1941.

It's grown from a one day event to a week-long celebration. For those who go every year, it's a tradition that holds many memories.

'The Fair is something that I hold dearly to my heart, being that I was almost born here at the Adams County Fair," Leon Obert said.

Obert has a very special fair memory that was passed down to him from his mother.

"They had just shut the gate and she told the guy, "I need to get out of here," he said. "He opened the gate and she went to the hospital late that evening and had me the next morning. I think I'm a fair baby."

Obert is now on the Adams County Fair Board and he and his team want your family to build memories at the fair like theirs have. But first they need to get you there. Obert is hoping Woody's Menagerie does the trick.

"We're an educational wildlife show," Gregg Woody said.

Woody's Menagerie shows 17 different types of exotic animals at the fair. It travels all over the U.S. but this is it's first time in Adams County. (You can see some of the animals by clicking, here.)

Click here to meet Stewart the tiger on Vine. Make sure your volume is on, so you can hear his purr.

"We just try to think of new ways and new aspects of getting people out here to the fairground," he said.

Obert says that adding new events to the fair is a great way to keep crowds coming back each year but it's also important to stick with tradition.

"That's the exciting part about the fair is all the great traditions and all the great memories we create out here," Obert said.

One of the most long standing traditions is the food. The Mendon Congregational Church has cooked at the fair since it started, but there's no cotton candy here. It's all about breakfast.

"You tell us how you like your eggs and we'll fix them," Ron Beck from the Congregational Church said.

Obert says the food, new and old festivities and memories are what keeps the Adams County Fair going.

"If you haven't experienced it I have to ask why not?" he said.

Obert's favorite memory?

"The memories that mom has helped create at the fair are probably the most memorable," he said.

You can learn more about the fair festivities by clicking, here.