A look into the new Lincoln Park

The new administrative building for the Quincy Park District will have 11 offices and a programming room.

The 12 empty acres on Bonansinga Drive used to belong to a vacant building. Now it's going to be home to the newest addition to the Quincy Park District, Lincoln Park.

The Park District purchased the River's Edge Complex last April for almost $875,000. More than a year later, the property is officially ready for use.

"It was a lot to move," Recreation and Marketing Supervisor Jessica Marie Cate said. "It was a lot."

Before the move, Park District offices were at the Emerson Community Center for the past 40 years.

"There were some fixes that needed to be done there that were going to be pretty and the maintenance on the building was a lot," Cate said. "This is going to be easier to maintain in the long haul."

Emerson was almost 30,000 square feet while the new building is 10,000 square feet. It houses 11 administrative offices that were all built near each other.

"Any time you can help the flow within in the administrative offices, it's going to help you be more efficient with your work," she said.

Office renovations cost almost $600,000. But the building offers more than just administrative offices.

"We have our programming space which is for our fitness programs and then we'll do some of our playground things there and after school programs can come there and do things as well," Cate said.

The programming space will also have an indoor playground, a soon to be favorite spot for kids.

The favorite spot for Park District employees? Their tight knit offices.

"We can keep all of our employees together," she said.

You can get a tour of the new facility by clicking, here.