7 things to do to keep your car running smoothly

7 Things to do to keep your car running smoothly.

You know you should see a doctor for an annual checkup.

You should see a dentist twice a year, and eye doctor once a year, but how often do you have your car serviced?

Wednesday morning on KHQA This Morning, we had an automotive expert from Vatterot College on to talk about 7 things you can do to keep your car running smoothly.

Number one, be in tune with your car.

If you hear odd noises, smell something funny, or feel any vibrations, you should have it checked by a professional.

Number two, make sure all of your lights are working properly.

Number three, check your wiper blades before you need to use them.

Number four, keep an eye on your tires.

Check them on a routine basis for tread depth and wear, and have them rotated on a regular basis.

Number five, stay up to date on engine maintenance.

"Pay attention to how it's running. Have your oil changed on a regular basis as well as take a look at your air filter. Other things like serpentine belts, oil leaks...keep an eye on it," says Ben Mondon.

The sixth and seventh tips are about what to keep inside your car.

Make sure you have your insurance information and registration where you can easily find it.

And also, if you have roadside assistance, know where that is before you would need to use it.

To watch the full interview from KHQA This Morning, click here.

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