Dangerous synthetic drug makes its way to Iowa

Dangerous synthetic drug makes its way to Iowa (MGN Online)

Lee County Narcotics Task Force Commander Stacy Weber has a special number in mind.

"U47700," Weber explained.

However, others in Iowa have also gotten familiar with it for all the wrong reasons.

"Compare it to the cannabinoids and bath salts and K2 phenomenon just several years back," Weber said.

U47700 is a new synthetic opioid believed to have contributed to accidental overdoses in Kansas and in Iowa.

That's according to the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Health experts mentioned it's several times more potent than morphine and continues to grow across the U.S.

"It's coming to our areas via the Internet," Weber pointed out.

Weber said the drug could also go through the mail and possibly be smuggled past U.S. borders.

He mentioned the new drug contains fentanyl which is a powerful medication.

"It's very dangerous," Weber said. "It can go through your skin very rapidly and it can cause your demise".

Experts say it can cause respiratory depression which could lead to death for those exposed to it.

That's why Weber has teamed up with The Lee County Ambulance Service Director Bill Young.

"We do see a lot of mental health issues with a lot of people addicted to drugs," Young said.

Both Weber and Young says it's vital to train first responders on how to handle this new drug.

"That always hasn't been the case in the past but we're trying to open up that avenue of communication to try to improve that throughout the county," Young explained.

Read the press release sent to media from the State of Iowa below or click here.


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