Would your pet be safe in a disaster?

Hurricane Sandy is on a lot of people's minds.

One thing you need to think of when you're preparing for a disaster is your four legged friend.

You should keep vaccinations and records in a ziplock waterproof bag.

Make sure you have at least one weeks food in a water tight container.

Also, to increase your chances of getting your pet back in a disaster, you should make sure your pet is microchipped.

Sally Westerhoff with the Quincy Humane Society says, "I've been to a couple post disasters to help with rescue efforts. Collars can come off, tags can fall off, or get torn off. But, a microchip is implanted and it's one identification means that can't get lost during a disaster. "

You can get your pet microchipped at the Quincy Humane Society for $10 every Monday.