Weather takes a toll on the Tri-States

Severe weather made its way through our area overnight.

We spoke to sheriff's departments around the Tri-States to see what, if any problems they were having overnight and here's what we found out.

In the Clark County Missouri area, Kahoka and Revere lost power just after midnight last night. It was restored about an hour later.

In Keokuk, there was a mud slide on River Road but city crews were out overnight and it should be cleaned up in time for drivers Tuesday.

In Hancock County Illinois, many of the secondary roads are covered with water and drivers are urged to be very careful when traveling this morning.

In McDonough County, there are reports of standing water on many of the secondary roads as well as at Route 9 between Blandinsville and the Good Hope Junction. There are at least two spots in that area with reports of water at least 12 inches deep.

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The City of Hamilton reports that North 19th Street is temporarily closed due to washout. At some time during Monday night's storm, North 19th Street north of the intersection of High Street was washed out and is impassable at this time. Drivers are asked to use alternative routes.

The City of Alexandria has reported some standing water on roads, please proceed with caution.

In Canton, Mo. KHQA's Jarod Wells has reported that in the Mississippi Park, water has overflowed from the riverbank and the R.V. Campground is under water.

Feel free to post a comment below if there are any roads you know about that are flooded out and impassable.

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