Water woes affect farmers near Bluffs, Ill.

IL 100 with water over the pavement / KHQA's Brooke Hasch

KHQA's Brooke Hasch headed to the town of Bluffs Monday to see how flooding was impacting the area.

Just south of Bluffs on IL-100 she found a levee off a creek that had been breached in 3 spots.

The levee break hasn't hurt homes in the area, but approximately 1,000 acres of farm land are now flooded.

Farmers are evacuating their equipment and their grain elevators, to avoid water damage.

IL-100 itself is blocked by water.

The water causing the creek to swell is a direct effect of the weekend Jacksonville flooding.

Fortunately, the townspeople of Bluffs are not facing the same hardships as the Jacksonville residents.

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