Warsaw buried with mudslides and road closures

Heavy rain causes a mudslide on Co. Hwy. 32 in Warsaw.

UPDATED: June 15 at 9:38 a.m.

The Warsaw City Clerk reports that the following roads are closed in Warsaw at this time:

Water Street6th and Harrison StreetLeClarie StreetNew Warsaw Road (due to more mud slides)

The Old Warsaw Road at Highway 96 is open.

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Another round of storms and heavy rain soaked the Tri-States overnight. Now, residents are faced with road closures, a bridge collapse, even mud slides. We visited one of the hardest hit areas Tuesday morning.

Heavy rains caused quite the problem for Hancock County drivers Saturday after multiple mud slides occurred on County Highway 32, closing miles of the road.

"It went clear across the Warsaw Hamilton highway, " said Warsaw Mayor Gary Treatch. "We've cleared it back partially, but not all the way because it was getting too dangerous to be working out here."

"The problem is, it needs to be stabilized and dried out so you don't make it worse and start moving dirt at the bottom and create more slide problems," said Warsaw Consulting Engineer Terry Knoke.

This isn't the first mudslide Warsaw's had to deal with.

"We had a slide in this same area in the middle 90's bigger than this one. The next 24-48 hours will make a difference on how big this slide gets and it could get bigger," said Treatch.

A costly problem for a town already buried with financial worries.

"It's in the thousands of dollars. It's not 50,000 but for a town of a thousand people, that's a significant amount of money," said Knoke.

But Mayor Treatch says the city will pull through.

"If the rain holds off, we'll try and get the highway reopened, but if it keeps on raining, we could have more sliding, and we can't have traffic going through here when that's happening," said Treatch.

"We're also going to check out a couple more areas in town that have damage," said Knoke.

On the other end of town, floods caused a culvert to collapse, exposing pipes and a gaping hole.

"It's going to take a few days. It's not going to happen today, but in two to three days, they should get things taken care of so the highways should be back open at least," said Knoke.

Knoke says at best, County Highway 32 could be opened by Wednesday, but made no promises.