Ursa Farmers Co-op to add new grain bin

The Ursa Farmers Cooperative is ready to look to the future.

It will add a new grain bin to its elevator along the Mississippi River in Warsaw. Two of the sites six grain bins collapsed during the Flood of 2008. The damage forced thousands of bushels of soybeans into the water. Several other bins were damaged as well.

"We needed to increase our dumping capacity. So, we're installing a leg, along with an additional storage tank to replace some of the storage we lost during the flood," said Gerald Jenkins, General Manager of the Ursa Farmers Co-op.

Because future flooding is a concern, the co-op plans to build a flood wall at the elevator's base. It will also elevate the foundation of the new grain bin about 5 feet above the highest flood level. The project will cost approximately $1.7 million. That cost will be spilt between the company, and its insurance.

"It's always a financial challenge. We lost a $2 million bin that we had to take down at our Meyer facility. This process at Warsaw is virtually $2 million. So without a doubt, anytime you receive a $3 or $4 million event, it isn't easy," Jenkins said.

Jenkins told us crews are now testing the soil at the Warsaw site for durability. He says, if everything goes as planned, the projects should be complete this summer.