Some people moving out of Beardstown at least temporarily

Some of the Beardstown Illinois worst fears have been realized as the Illinois River has hit a record flood level.

Some people see this as just another flood, while others are taking no chances and are moving out of town.

As people gathered on the River Look deck along the Beardstown riverfront to witness history, others were busy packing up and moving out even if it was just temporarily.

Lou Wubker lives just five blocks from the Illinois River and she isn't taking any chances.

"Yes, we added up how much we thought the value of our furniture was and and we just decided it was better to spend the money and not take any chances of losing everything, so we're moving everything out," Wubker said.

Mayor Bob Walters says he's been meeting with the Corps of Engineers and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency - right now, they're just keeping an eye on the swollen river with 24-hour patrols.

"Well, our levees are in good condition, considering that we went by the record level of water here in Beardstown early this morning. We're in good shape right now and I hope it stays that way," Walters said.

The Illinois River is set to crest later this week, so until then, officials hope for no more rain, and Wubker hopes she will be able to return her home to normal within the next few days.

The old flood record was set back in 1943 when the river hit 29.6 feet.

On Thursday the Illinois River reached 29.7 feet.

It's expected to crest at 29.9 feet by the end of the week.