So far Illinois River not getting as high as it did in April

Evandy's Boatel is still in business

Heavy rain during the last seven days has spurred a second round of spring flooding in Missouri, Iowa and Illinois.

The Mississippi and Missouri rivers already have crested in many places north and west of St. Louis, though water remains dangerously high.

And now emergency management officials along the Illinois River are keeping an eye on that rising river.

But it's business as usual in Meredosia where residents aren't too concerned about the rising Illinois River. After seeing it crest at record levels back in April, officials now are just keeping a close eye on the rising river stages.

"Again. We've raised over the last four days about eight and a half nine feet, a quick rise, which you know the response is always takes a lot of effort to get in place. We haven't been in a hurry to remove anything because it's been a long spring like we mentioned earlier. So now we just have a few places to close back up and then monitor the current situation," Morgan County ESDA Director Bob Fitzsimmons said.

Meanwhile just a few miles down river in Naples, operators of Evandy's Boatel have decided to close their doors for a few days. After the river went down before Memorial Day, the restaurant had plenty of customers. Now the river is back up and covering the parking lot, which has resulted in another temporary closure.

"Thursday, we were three inches away from it being on the patio. Friday morning it was half way on the patio so it had gone up a foot, not up two feet actually in about 40 hours," Boatel manager Gary Freeman said.

Fitzsimmons and Freeman both hope the river will crest this week and begin another fall. Freeman wants to get the restaurant back open serving customers. Fitzsimmons wants to make sure his previous work keeps the levees secured and the towns safe from flooding.