Several roads closed in Clark County, Missouri

Parts of Clark County Missouri woke up to high water and flooded roads Tuesday morning.

And on Route A north of Wyaconda, several inches of rain overnight flooded farm fields and covered roads.

But for some folks, flooded roads didn't keep them from getting to where they wanted to go.

It was the same scene in both the southern part of the county as well as the northern part of Clark County.

This is what people faced in Route D west of the intersection with Highway 81 south of Kahoka.

" Right now we probably got four or five tubes that will definitely have to be replace and rebuilt up. We got two that definitely washed out. Bridge work that we're going to have to go back through and dig out a bunch of fill and log jams and what not what we get done with that," said Troy Kiger. Kiger is the road and bridge supervisor for Clark County Missouri.

Meanwhile back up to the north, on Route K north of Luray, this is what the highway looked like as the Little Fox River ran out of it's bank.

Besides the road being closed with about three to four feet of water, the adjacent farm fields were also covered in flood water. This area is about six miles north of Luray.

So for now, Kiger says instead of working on their summer road maintenance program, they'll be replacing tin whistles and culverts for the next couple of months. He also has some advice for people who might want to drive through the rushing floodwater.

" We got roads closed, we got due to the high water. We just have to see what the washing is after that. So people just need to make sure that the sign is there, stay out of that place, back up use your head," said Kiger.