Officials say stay out of flood water

Flood water in downtown Hannibal at Clemens Field

Officials want to remind you not to swim in dangerous waters.

Things are not as they appear on flooded riverfronts.

"Even this slow moving water that you see right here, it actually isn't very slow moving. It does have a lot of current with it and you don't know what's really underneath there," Hannibal Firefighter Shawn Smith said.

The mighty Mississippi is creeping up on walkways, parks and playgrounds, turning them into underwater attractions.

"We urge people to stay out of this water, right now just because of those unknowns and then you know if you get into here there's a lot of obstacles that are here. Fences, playground equipment behind us here, different things in there you could become entangled with. So we want you to stay out of the water right now," Hannibal Fire Chief Sean Hampton said.

Flood gates have also caused the team to relocate their boat entries when going on rescue missions.

"So we have to be creative and find different places around town or across the river to launch our boat. So we're going to have a bit of a delayed response," Smith said.

As appealing as the water looks, you might want to think twice before jumping into the unknown.

The Hannibal Fire and Rescue team also wants to remind people to not underestimate fast or slow moving water anywhere.