Northeast Missouri towns prepare for floods

Louisiana, Missouri drivers are being rerouted through town due to high waters.

A detour is in place for Highway 79 on the south side of Louisiana. The river has backed up onto the highway, so drivers will now need to take South Main Street.

Several business and a homes have also been affected.

Meanwhile, residents in Clarksville, Missouri are staying ahead of the game before flood waters seep into town.

Volunteers began sandbagging Thursday. Now, a 3-foot-tall sand wall stands alongside a 4-block area of downtown Clarksville. Residents are still adding more.

The water hasn't yet reached the downtown area. For now, it remains on the east side of the railroad tracks covering River Front Park.

Volunteers have about 80,000 bags on standby and 10,000 tons of sand on order. The city's not asking for any more volunteers at this time but people can call City Hall for more information. That number is (573) 242-3336.