New bridge coming to Wigwam Hollow Road in Macomb

Macomb bridge will be replaced later this year.

A well traveled bridge in Macomb will be rebuilt from the ground up later this year.

After seven long years of waiting, the city of Macomb has received money from the state and federal government to create a new bridge on Wigwam Hollow Road.

As soon the weather turns, work on new bridge on Wigwam Hollow Road will begin.

WIU employee Gordon Rands has lived in the neighborhood for 15 years and says that getting across the bridge can be a challenge sometimes.

"When you're coming up and there's a large vehicle coming on the other side, sometimes you'll wait and let that one pass," Rands said.

Rands often walks to work at WIU across the bridge.

"And I'm always just a little bit nervous coming back because there's no sidewalk to it," Rands said.

Mayor Mike Inman says that it will take some time to complete the project.

"It will require the closing of that whole section of roadway," Inman said. "But we'll make some alternative detour arrangements during the construction."

After more than 30 years of use the reasons for a new bridge are obvious.

Several years ago a weight restriction was placed on the bridge.

Rebar is clearly visible through broken pieces of the concrete supports. And the surface of the roadway is cracked and patched in some places.

Gordon Rands says there is another concern.

"The other big problem is that because of its elevation periodically, about once every couple of years, sometimes more often than that, it will actually flood," Rands said. "And they'll close the bridge. And when that happens then everybody from this side over has to drive around, out to 67 and down into town."

Despite the inconvenience of construction Rands says he and his neighbors are excited to see the work begin on the new bridge.

The project will cost 1.37 million dollars.

It will hopefully be done by later summer or early fall.