Monroe City soaked in storm damage

Residents all over the Tri-States woke up Thursday morning to storm damage.

Monroe City is one of the areas that was hit the hardest.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) a 10 mile intermittent tornado damage path was surveyed from 11 miles southwest of Paris, Mo. to three miles southwest of Paris. The NWS also confirmed straight line winds of 60 to 90 mph was the cause of damage occuring in Monroe City, Mo. Click here to learn more about the tornado.

KHQA's Kristen Aguirre paid the area a visit to show you how the community is coping with the wreckage.

Trees, power lines and roofs were all objects thrown around in the storm leaving Monroe City buildings damaged.

"We have wiring damage," local resident Shane Niffen said.

"There is a gash like a 10 inch hole in the roof that we are working on getting repaired," Ben Frankllin Store Manager, Jenine Zeiger said.

"This is an Oriental Cherry Tree that has some rot in the trunk and the wind was just high enough that it blew it down," resident Bill Colemann said. "It also blew her front door in."

Bill Colemann was driving home in the storm when he noticed a church member's tree knocked down in her yard. He came back to help.

"We experienced a tornado a few years back and we're kind of accustomed to this," Colemann said. "Now we've got a plan in place so when it happens we're ready to mobilize and utilize and get the job done."

"High winds came through and caused a lot of damage," Emergency Management Director, Jeff Spalding said. "We had some roof damage here in downtown Monroe City. A lot of power lines down due to trees falling down on the lines and probably some flood damage too because we were without power for so long."

The city's main electric grid went out when the storm hit. Electric crews used emergency generators to give parts of the city back power. The team worked all night to get the electricity back on.

Spalding has also been working on and off the clock since the storm started.

"The city is back to the main grid power and now we're working to identify the areas of town that are without power due to main lines being down," Spalding said.

City workers were out all night and morning helping residents get rid of debris.

"This street here was closed last night for a couple hours, but they came in quickly and got everything out of the way," Niffen said.

"There is a lot of damage and they've called in help from resources out of town and I think they're doing a good job," Zeiger said.

Still, it's going to take time to get the city back to normal.

"A lot of work, a big task ahead of us, a lot of clean up," Niffen said.

'We're all in a clean up mode right now," Colemann said.

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