Missouri Counties Hit By Floods

Many counties north of Quincy experienced flash floods Tuesday.

The Des Moines River poured into the St. Francisville, Missouri area. Over the last 18 hours, its water level jumped two feet. The Des Moines overflow caused closures on U.S. 61 at Alexandria.

Alexandria received the most of the northern flooding. Water covered some roads and front yards by mid-day Tuesday.

KHQA spoke with Bob Davis, the town's mayor, who says this is pretty normal for Alexandria. He says one pump is in place and a second should be installed this week.

"We've got a crew coming in to put another pump in, so we'll get two of them running. It won't take long to pump it out of town. Right now, the town's in pretty good shape. There's a little rain water, but we've had a lot of rain lately," said Davis.

Farther down the Mississippi, water levels rose around the Gregory Landing area. Water flowed over roads, making many near the train tracks impassable.

In LaGrange, Missouri, water levels continue to rise just across the street from Terrible's Mark Twain Casino. Water has seeped onto both sides of the tracks inching closer to Main Street.