Mississippi River shows signs of receding in Iowa

The river is still high in Fort Madison but officials say the mighty Mississippi is losing some of its power in Iowa.

"The river is dropping which is good for us, it's down about a foot and a half both in Keokuk and Burlington from the highest crest that it had but itâ??s still high," Steve Cirinna, Lee County Emergency Management Agency Coordinator, said.

The Willow Patch Access Point is an example of this drop. The debris line is more than 30 feet away from where the river is now.

Downriver in Keokuk, the same can be said here as well. In Victory Park, the river has retreated leaving a lot of mud. Businesses have already started some cleanup efforts.

Low river levels up north mean low levels down south.

"We're hoping that it will be out of any kind of flood stage sometime late next week, once it drops back down below around 18 feet then we're pretty much at that point sort of out of the woods, we're right on the edge but then once it gets below 15 feet then its back down to normal, we can kind of breathe easy at that point," Cirinna said.

And it will be a domino effect in other river front towns like Quincy, Hannibal and Clarksville.

At this time, the Tri-States remains under flood watch until further notice.