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      Louisiana resident asks county to raise road so they can ditch the boat

      Residents of one Louisiana, Missouri neighborhood are looking for a new mode of transportation just to get to work or school.

      Pike County Road 248 is flooded to the point where cars cannot pass.

      Resident Heather Stoops and her family utilize a boat to make it out of the neighborhood.

      Stoops says she saw this happen four times while living there, one flood lasting two and a half weeks.

      She says having this road shut off could be a hazard in case of an emergency.

      In years past, Stoops brought this up to the county, asking them to raise the height of the road five feet.

      "I really have been fighting for this for a really long time, and I don't think financially it would take a huge cut to them to fix but we would all really appreciate it if it would be looked into," Stoops said.

      Stoops' road is actually controlled by the Special Roads District.

      Buckie Ward with the special roads district says the road hasn't changed because it would be too expensive.

      He also says crews will not proceed with the project until they know that raising the road will not affect the water pressure.