Louisiana looking for flood gates

(Louisiana, Mo.) Louisiana, Missouri is trying to fight its flood issues, but it is going after minor floods first.

City Administrator Bob Jenne said he has put in a notice of interest for flood gates to the State Hazard Mitigation Program.

Those gates would not be put on the Mississippi, but on the Noix Creek.

Jenne says these gates would not be put in to combat major floods that would reach 23 or 24 feet, but they would protect the city from the re-occuring minor floods up to about 20 feet.

"The waters from the Mississippi push the Noix Creek up in its levels," said Jenne, "and then the creek flows into the town branch that runs North and South"

When that water gets backed up, parts of Highway 79 are flooded forcing the city to reroute traffic.

The gates would cost between $40,000 and $50,000.

Jenne is hopeful that money will come from a grant, but says the city would look to fund the project on its own if they don't receive a grant.