Louisiana business reopens

The saying 'better late than never' is ringing true for one Louisiana, Missouri business now more than ever.

Water from heavy rain overflowed a creek a few weeks ago, dumping water in numerous businesses.

A total of about 20 businesses were affected, the majority of which have since re-opened.

The latest to reopen was Pikers Bar & Grill, which was finally able to open its doors Wednesday, August 11th.

KHQA's Jarod Wells caught up with owner.

How nice is it to finally be all done with the work and be back open?

Pikers Bar & Grill Co-owner John Carroll said, "It's very nice. People around town have been asking us when we could get open. We've hustled as much as we could to get it open. We actually are three days later than what we hoped for, but to coordinate all the different contractors it took to come in and do this, it took that much time."

It didn't come very cheap. John Carroll and Pikers face a $30,000 or more loss. That includes the loss of business while closed and repairs.

Carroll said, "We had to remove all the carpet in the entire building, the drywall was wet. We had to take down paneling that was wet and just redo all those things."

Obviously this was a pretty big hit, but do you think you'll be able to recover from it pretty easily?

Carroll said, "Overtime. It's going to take some time, the economy is not that great anyway, so that's going to add to the problem, but overtime, unless we have another catastrophe, I think we'll make it back."

Carroll and his wife decided to do some other rennovations while they were closed and there is still one section that was closed Wednesday. A section of cement had been stained and was going to get one more day to dry. Regardless, the kitchen was full of lunch take-out orders shortly after opening.

Jarod also checked in with the owner of All-Star Pizza again.

The pizza shop was still closed, but the on-line business that operates out of the back of the building has been up and running for a few days.