Keokuk Salvation Army close to Christmas goal

The Keokuk Salvation Army is close to meeting its Christmas Campaign goal, and it's hoping some donated jewelry will help put it past that goal.

Ten pieces of jewelry were donated during the Christmas season, some through the Red Kettles and others through walk up donations.

The nine rings and one watch have been certified by jewelers and are on sale at the store.

Major Diana Amick says Keokuk Salvation Army is hoping to raise $1,500 from the jewelry, putting it over the Christmas goal of $91,500.

"The Christmas income is very important to us because it's our biggest fundraiser of the year, it's the biggest portion of our budget. It's very important to our budget because we base everything on what our budget is and that makes money available for helping people, assist them with utilities and food and whatever else they have issues with," said Amick.

The jewelry can be bought at the price the Salvation Army has marked it at or you can place bids on them.

And there was much more to be excited about today at the Keokuk Salvation Army.

A new canteen truck arrived Thursday, March 25th.

This truck has a three burner stove, a microwave and its own generator.

The old truck was a used, 1973 truck that Major Diana Amick says has served it's purpose, but a new one was desperately needed.

"When we had the 2008 flood, we were serving the sand baggers when our canteen just went dead on us, generator went out. We got a back up generator and got back up to speed again, but it was touch and go for a while," said Amick.