Keeping an eye on the Sny

No concern for spring flooding at the Sny right now.

Some Tri-States residents are starting to wonder about the possibility of spring flooding after the recent round of storms that passed through the area.

Especially Mike Reed, the superintendent of the

Sny Island Levee Drainage District.
"At this time of year we're always aware of what's going on in terms of weather situation," Reed said. "Especially north and northwest of us."

Reed says that even though the Sny is two feet above the technical flood stage of 16 feet, there is really nothing for people to worry about right now.

In fact, what Reed says the area needs are what he calls "timely showers" to help the farmers and keep the river levels stable.

"It's those heavy downpours that are what really puts us into trouble," Reed said. "Especially wide range area of downpours. Two, three, four inches of rain at a time over a wide spread area."

At this time of year both Reed and

Adams County EMA

director John Simon keep a close eye on river levels in Iowa.

"A large rainstorm goes through the central Iowa region can really impact us," Simon said. "And impact us actually rather quickly. So in past years that's why we've seen more flash flooding along the Mississippi River."

Reed says everyday he checks the water levels at the

Red Rock



reservoirs because overflow up there could impact this area in about 36 hours.