Jacksonville's water treatment plant: Build new or save the old?

Flood waters rushed into the Jacksonville Water Treatment Plant. The city was under a boil order for more than 2 weeks. June 2011.

Will the city of Jacksonville agree to construct a new water treatment plant?

According to the Jacksonville Journal Courier, City Council members will vote Monday on whether to build a new water plant or revamp the current one.

The cost to build new, roughly $30 million. It's a project water customers would most likely pay.

Depending on a water customer's usage, the hike in a monthly water bill could rise anywhere from $4 to $14, with residential customers on the lower end. Those numbers could change depending on how the city finances the project.

It's a decision the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency asked the city to make after the existing plant flooded in June of 2011.

Another option is a $25 million rehabilitation project at the current facility.

The City Council will meet Monday, immediately after a 6:30 p.m. workshop session in the Municipal Building.